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Mengapa Oriflame????

Mengapa memilih oriflame?
Oriflame karena sudah diindonesia sejak tahun 1986. Banyak bisnis MLM/ direct marketing diindonesia, tapi jarang yang berumur panjang. Ada yang harus gulung tikar hanya dalam kurun waktu satu tahun. Beberapa alasan yang paling mungkin dari kegagalan tersebut adalah : Sistem yang buruk dengan produk yang tidak mudah dimasyarakat. Repotnya, banyak bisnis “Penggandaan Uang/ Money Game” berkedok MLM. Padahal ujungnya adalah penipuan. Ini alasan mengapa Bisnis Jaringan kerap mendapat pandangan negative. Oriflame jelas ada produk yang dijual jadi bukan money game.

Saya memilih oriflame karena :
1.     Modalnya murah
2.    Tidak perlu nyetok sehingga meminimalkan kerugian
3.    Tiap bulannya selalu ada promo
4.    Produknya aman dipakai karena berasal dari bahan-bahan alami
5.    Karena sudah lama di Indonesia jadi banyak yang tahu produknya sehingga mudah menjualnya
6.    Produk yang dijual dipakai setiap hari dan bersifat “Habis Pakai” sehingga orang akan cenderung untuk membeli lagi.

Oriflame memiliki 7 rangkaian yaitu : 
1.     Colour Cosmetics (tata rias)
2.    Skin care (perawatan kulit)
3.    Accessories
4.    Fragrance (wewangian)
5.    Body Care
6.    Hair Care (Perawatan rambut)
7.    Wellbeing (Kesehatan)

Profesi apa yang cocok untuk berbisnis Oriflame?
Oriflame cocok untuk semua orang. Karyawan, Ibu Rumah Tangga, Dokter, Guru, Arsitek, Bahkan pengangguran pun bias mengikuti bisnis ini karena tidak membutuhkan keahlian khusus. Disini hanya membutuhkan tekad anda, keberanian anda untuk mengajak orang lain bergabung dengan anda, konsisten diri anda yang kesemuanya bisa dimiliki oleh siapapun.

Apakah produknya halal ?
Sejak pertama kali berdiri Oriflame berkomitmen untuk selalu menghadirkan produk yang berkualitas dan aman. Terbukti dengan penggunaan bahan non hewani, tidak diujicobakan pada hewan melainkan pada relawan. Bahkan sekarang Oriflame memiliki produk dengan konsep Ecobeauty yang mendukung gerakan GO GREEN. Tidak hanya produknya, kemasannya pun menggunakan bahan yang bisa didaur ulang. Wihhh keren sangat deh!
Jadi Insya Allah Halal yah…

NutriShake, produk minuman bernutrisi dari Oriflame sudah mendapatkan sertifikat halal dari MUI/Majelis Ulama Indonesia. Untuk mengecek kehalalan NutriShake Oriflame silahkan cek di situs halalmui.org/newMUI 

Sekarang Anda bisa mengkonsumsi Nutrishake Oriflame untuk menjaga berat badan anda dan mengontrol kesehatan dengan tenang tanpa was-was akan kehalalan NutriShake.

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The information I have read from several books and magazines, may add some light to our understanding of this vitamin c intake. Actually our daily requirement of vitamin C 60 mg s / d 100 mg / day (identical with 1-2 or 1-2 glasses of orange jouce citrus fruits) in normal conditions and in conditions of abnormal / severe stress can increase 2-fold (100 mg-200 mg / day), and in our body can only store 100 mg / kg or an average of 6000 mg.

Vitamin C is one of the water soluble vitamins, among other functions reepitilasi network, anti-oxidant, catalyst, etc.. So if we do not get another intake of citrus fruits from 1-2 except as mentioned above, it has been deemed sufficient by the body, and if the excess will be excreted in the urine. About issues related to cancer, and other sampinya effects, such as kidney stones, perhaps the description below can be input.

On the use of high doses of vitamin C, then the excess of deposits 6000 mg (6 grams) will be released through the kidneys and the long-term use will occur in the system organo-citrate precipitate urinary tract (kidneys until the release of holes / OUE = Externum urethra orifice), will be a stone citrate and all its implications / kidney damage, etc..

Relation to cancer is on the usage of high doses of vitamin C / Mega-dose (at least 500 mg / hr) and long periods of time (minimum 6 Weeks) then it will stimulate changes in strains of the DNA of our cells, so it is possible the cells of our body cells will behave distorted and one of them into the cell and this metaplastik which became the forerunner of cancer depends on the DNA of cells which have undergone such metaplastik. And what about our attitude, the people around us, our friends, our employees, our communities and so on., With the intake of vitamin C?

The answer is very worrying!

They have made the vitamin C in part of packaging, such as CDR, Theragran, Enervon C, Ester C, Sonce, etc. as a supplement to dikosumsi every day without having to know the side effects they will receive when dikosumsi in the long run. They have been consumed by consumerism advertising products that harm. Actually the use of high doses are still allowed as long as not done in a long time as above, because high doses in short time they will be. important to increase the reserves / deposits that may be down to the lowest point toward the back peaknya - / + 6000 mg of TSB. even this is still no record if there are no side effects of vitamin C is to the other organs, for example against the GI tract / stomach, such as gastritis, peptic ulcer, etc..

I strongly agree with Dr. Suharnyoto MSc., That the usage of vitamin C should be used at any given moment and the dose is limited for example 1 / 2 tablet per day CDR, etc.., Because his life is based on the packaging there will be reduced by something, starting enzymes, stomach acid and alkaline substances certain substances, such as food, beverage, dairy, ulcer medications, etc., on the way (the mouth to the intestines) until the vitamin is absorbed in the intestine. For example:

· Packaging effecement eg CDR, SonCe, etc.. net will be absorbed 35% - 45%.

· Packaging elixer / syrup, for example Sakatonik Liver, etc.. net will be absorbed 35% - 50%.

· Packaging tablets / caplets for example Theragran M, Supradex, etc.. net will be absorbed 45% - 65%.

· Packaging tablets / caplets bersolut eg Becefort / EnervonC will be absorbed a net 65% - 75%.

· Packaging Capsul / solf sleeper camsule eg Supertin / Hemaviton will be absorbed a net 65% - 80%.


  1. Let us return to the pattern alamiyah pattern. If still enough vitamin intake from food and beverages daily, we need not use the intake from the outside.
  2. When considered less a sign of one of the easiest is thrush (scurvy), most likely due to deficiency of vitamin C, then you should consider getting vitamin C intake from outside by among others:

    • From fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamin C, even though the bias sunflower used throughout instead of the GMO, and the garden naturally.
    • From fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamin C, even though sunflower. With a record should be washed with clean and peeled.
    • Using drugs supplement the measured / indicated a list of its contents and its vitamin C content. Congratulations and further calculate and estimate approximately how much vitamin C the remaining deposits in our body and how much intake should we enter, then dikontrontir with packaging that will be used.
    • Decide how many drinks a day should milli grams and how many times, how long, and where the safest packaging to dikosumsi. Advice he (dr. Suharnyoto MSc.) Maximum of 500 mg a day can be one of the handle.
    • Do not use mega doses of more than 10 days, just 3-5 days.
    • After that do the tapering off / reduced gradually and stopped akirnya.
  1. Look for and find the movement / cause deficiency of vitamin C immediately. Especially a chronic stressor, because whenever there is stress our body's metabolic processes will be accelerated, so that vitaminnyapun needs will increase.
  2. Please note "Supplements of vitamin C is not a drug that can cure fatigue or stress.

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sequence of fetal

<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Week 1:

This week is actually still a menstrual period, even fertilization had not occurred. For approximate date of birth of the child is calculated based on the first day of your last period

The process of formation of sperm and egg that provides information to the body that has been around the baby in the womb. Currently the fetus already has all the genetic stock, a unique combination of 46 types of human chromosomes. During this period, all it takes is nutrition (through mother) and oxygen.

Sel2 egg that is inside the uterus, shaped like a circle of light around matahariSel who will meet with sel2 sperm and begin the process of fertilization

5 million sperm cells once they swim towards the ultimate goal is to hide the eggs in an egg cell lines. Although the army is very much a sperm cell, but in the end only one cell that could penetrate the egg.

At this time the head of the sperm cells had almost entered. We can see the middle and back of the sperm cells are not constantly trying to persevere through the ovary wall

At this time the head of the sperm cells had almost entered. We can see the middle and back of the sperm cells are not constantly trying to persevere through the ovary wall

Week 2:

Fertilization occurs at the end of the second week. Fertilized egg cell divides two 30 hours after the fertilized. While continuing to divide, move the egg in the hole tubes toward the uterus. After splitting into 32, the egg is called a morula. The cells begin to grow and is divided roughly twice a day so that on the 12th day the number had increased and helped blastocyst attached to the endometrium

Week 3:

Up to 3 weeks gestation, you may not realize if was pregnant. Egg cell that has been split into hundreds will stick to the lining of the uterus called the blastocyst. The size is very small, from 0.1 to 0.2 mm in diameter.

Week 4:

Now, the baby is an embryo. The embryo produces hormones of pregnancy (chorionic gonadotropin - HCG), so if you do a pregnancy test, positive results.

Began to form the structure of the human fetus. When this has been the formation of the brain and spine as well as the heart and the aorta (the large vein that carries blood to the heart).

Week 5:

Formed three layers namely ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. Ectoderm is the uppermost layer which will form the nervous system in fetuses that are so formed brain, spine, skin and hair. Mesoderm layer located on the middle layer which will form the heart organ, the kidneys, bones and reproductive organs. Endoderm layer is the innermost layer which will form the intestine, liver, pancreas and urinary coffers.

Week 6:

The average size of the embryo 2-4 mm measured from crown to rump. Tuba nerves along the back of the baby has been closed. Although you can not hear the baby's heart start beating on this week. Digestive and respiratory systems begin to be formed, tiny buds that will develop into arms legs began to appear

Week 7:

End of seventh week, about 5-13 mm in length and weighs 0.8 grams, about the size of green beans. Arm buds begin to divide into the shoulders and tiny hands. The heart has divided into right ventricle and left ventricle, as well as air channels available in your lungs

Week 8

Length of approximately 14-20 mm. Many of the changes that occur in your baby. If you can see, the tip of the nose and eyelids begin to grow, so does the ear. Brochi, the channel that connects the lungs to the throat, began branching. Arms getting bigger and he has elbow. All this happened in just 6 weeks after conception.

baby is beginning to form among the formation of the nostrils, lips, mouth and tongue. His eyes also look under the thin membrane of skin. Members of the hands and feet are also formed, although not perfect

Week 9:

Outer ear begins to form, the feet and hands continue to grow following the toes and fingers began to appear. He began to move even if you do not feel it. With Doppler, you can hear her heartbeat. This week, approximately 22-30 mm in length and weighs about 4 grams.

Week 10:

All the vital organs that had formed began to cooperate. Brain growth is increasing rapidly, almost 250,000 new neurons are produced every minute. He is starting to look like a small man with a 32-43 mm long and weighs 7 grams.

Week 11:

Body length reaches about 6.5 cm. Good hair, fingernails and feet began to grow. Occasionally in this age of the fetus has evaporated.

Movement by movement of the feet and hands, including the writhing movements, straightening the body and bowed his head, could be felt maternal. In fact, the fetus can now change its position with a rotating, elongated, curled, or even flips that are often painful sensation of happiness while providing its own

Week 12:

Form a complete baby's face, there is a small chin and nose. Fingers and toes are full of tiny separate. Infant gut has been in the abdominal cavity. Due to the increasing volume of maternal blood, fetal heart rate could be increased. Length about 63 mm and weighs 14 grams.

Begin the process of perfecting the whole organ. Babies grow a few millimeters each day. Toes and fingers begin to form, including the ears and eyelids.

Week 13:

At the end of the first trimester, the placenta develops to provide oxygen, nutrients and waste disposal baby. Eyelid to protect the eyes docked baby is growing. The fetus reaches 76 mm long and weighs 19 grams.
Dilate the baby's head more quickly than others. Her body is also getting bigger to pursue enlargement of the head.

Week 14:

Three months after conception, 80-110 mm in length and weighs 25 grams. His neck grew longer and stronger. Lanugo, fine hair that grows all over the body and protects the skin begins to grow in coming weeks. The prostate gland develops baby boys and dropped from the ovary to the pelvic abdominal cavity.
Baby's heart rate began to strengthen the baby's skin but not because there is no thick layer of fat

Week 15:

Bone and bone marrow within the skeletal system continues to evolve. If your baby is female, the ovaries begin to produce millions of eggs this week. Baby's skin is very thin so that the blood vessels visible. This weekend, weighs 49 grams and length 113 മംBaby is able to hold his hand and thumb sucking. Her eyelids are still റെര്ടുടുപ്

week 16
Babies have been fully formed and need nutrients through the placenta. Babies already have strong bones and begin to hear voices. In the process of formation of this circulatory system is the first formed and functioning.

The fetus begins to move! But it need not worry if you do not feel it. The more calcium that is stored in the baby's bones along with the development framework. Your baby is measuring 116 mm and weighs 80 grams

Week 17:

With a length of 12 cm and weighs 100 grams, the baby is still very small. Brown fat layer begins to develop, to menjada baby's body temperature after birth. Did you know? At birth, weight of fat reaches three-quarters of the total weight.

Hair, forehead, eyelashes baby begins to grow and a line of skin on the fingertips begin to form. Fingerprints are already beginning to take shape

Week 18:

Start humming because the fetus can hear on this week. He can be surprised when they hear a loud noise. Baby's eyes were growing. He will know the light if you put a flashlight that lights up in the abdomen. Its length was 14 cm and weighs 140 grams.

Your baby can see light coming through the wall of the mother's womb. Estrogen and progesterone hormones are increasing.

Week 19:

The baby's body covered with vernix caseosa, a sort of waxy coating that protects the skin from the wound. Baby's brain has reached millions of motor nerves so he could make a voluntary movement such as thumb sucking. It weighs 226 grams with a length of almost 16 cm.

Week 20:

Half the journey has traversed. Now, weighing 260 grams and a length of 14-16 cm. Under the layer of vernix, the baby's skin began to make a layer of dermis, epidermis and subcutaneous. nail to grow in coming weeks.

The process of perfecting the lungs and respiratory system. Pigment the skin starts to look

Week 21:

Baby's intestines have developed enough so that he is able to absorb or ingest sugar from liquid and then proceed through the digestive system manuju colon. Baby move more slowly because of the weight is 340 grams and length 20 cm

Week 22:

Senses that will be used to study infants developing every day. Each week, her face increasingly similar as when born. Comparison of the head and body more proportional

Week 23:

Although the accumulated fat in the body of the baby, her skin was sagging so that it looks wrinkled. This is because the production of skin cells more than fat. He has the habits "exercise", moving a muscle fingers and toes, arms and legs regularly. It weighs almost 450 grams

Baby's hands and feet had been formed, the finger is also formed.

Week 24:

The lungs begin to pick up oxygen even though the baby is still receiving oxygen from the placenta. Preparation for life outside the womb, the baby's lungs begin to produce surfactant that keeps the air bag inflates fixed

Baby's skin starts to thicken

Week 25:

Baby hiccups, if you feel it? It's a sign he is breathing exercises. He is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. If amniotic fluid is ingested too much, he will be hiccups.

Bone babies becomes increasingly hardened and baby baby stronger. Blood vessels in the lungs of the baby is growing. The lines around the mouth of the baby had begun to form and function of swallowing is getting better. Sense of smell because the baby is getting better at this week the baby's nose (nostrils) have started functioning. Weight babies has reached 650-670 grams with 34-37 cm height.

Week 26:

Your baby may winked his eye retina than it had begun to take shape. Brain activity related to the hearing and pengelihatannya already functioning, mothers play a song can start light and try to give more light around the abdomen, possibly the mother will feel a little nod. Baby's weight has reached the 750-780gram, while the 35-38 cm tall.

Week 27:

The first week the third trimester, lung, liver and immune system remains to be finalized. But if he was born, has a 85% chance to survive.

Sense of taste begins to form. Babies also have clever thumb-sucking and swallowing the amniotic fluid that surrounds it. General weight of your child's age infants 870-890 grams with 36-38 cm height.

Week 28:

This week weighs 1100 grams and length 25 cm. Baby's brain is growing and expanding. Fat layer was growing and hair continue to grow

Fat in the body begin to grow. Although the baby's movement has begun limited because of the weight is increasing rapidly, but his eyes have started to blink when you see the light through the mother's abdominal wall. His head was pointing downwards. His lungs have not been perfect, but if this time he was born into the world, little likely to have been able to survive.

Week 29:

Baby's adrenal glands begin to produce hormones such as androgens and estrogens. This hormone will menyetimulasi hormone prolactin in the mother's body so as to make colostrum (first milk water out while nursing).

Increasingly apparent sensitivity of infants, babies can identify changes in sound, light, taste and smell. Besides the baby's brain is able to control the breath and regulate body temperature of infants. Posture of the baby is more perfect as a human being, weight 1100-1200 g, with 37-39 cm height.

Week 30:

Fat and weight babies continue to grow so that the baby now weighs about 1400 grams and length 27 cm. Because he grew older, his movements more so

Beautiful eyes baby has started moving from one side to the other and he's already learned to open and close his eyes. Currently the best time for mothers to menyenteri stomach and moved his flashlight movement is the baby's eyes can follow the direction in which the flashlight is bersinar.cairan membranes (amniotic fluid) in the womb of the mother decreases. Now the little one had already started to produce tears. Weight infants 1510-1550 grams, with a height of 39-40 cm.

Week 31:

The placenta still provides the nutrients your baby needs. Blood flow in the placenta allows babies produce urine. He almost micturition of 500 ml per day in the amniotic fluid

Physical development of babies have started to slow down in this phase, only bayilah weight that will accrue. In addition it will be growing a layer of fat under the skin tissue. The bones in the baby's body has begun to harden, develop and begin to condense the essential substances such as calcium, iron, phosphorus Contrary to.

physical development, in this phase of development otaknyalah growing very rapidly by generating billions of cells. When music is played, the baby will move. Weight infants 1550-1560 grams with 41-43 cm high.

Week 32:

Fingers and toes have fully grown, as well as eyelashes, eyebrows and hair on the baby's head is becoming clearer. Lanugo that covers the body start to fall out but some still exist in the shoulder and back at birth. Weighing 1800 grams and length 29 cm, the ability to survive outside the womb is better if at birth this week.

Baby's skin getting red, his eyelids open and the system has also been formed with perfect hearing. Nails of fingers and toes tiny baby is a complete and perfect. Her hair became more numerous and longer. Babies have started to dream.

Week 33:

Baby has had a face that resembles his father and mother. Baby's brain develops more rapidly. At this time the baby's brain also have started to coordinate, among others, the baby is sucking his thumb and was able to swallow. Although the baby's bones have hardened, but the muscles of the baby has not really united. Your baby may take a deep breath though his breathing was still in the water. If the baby is a boy then the baby has started down the testis from the abdomen into the scrotum. Weight infants 1800-1900 grams, with a height of about 43-45 cm.

Week 34:

baby in the womb door. Your baby can open and close their eyes when drowsy and sleep, babies also have started to blink his eyes. Mother's body is being sent to the mother's antibodies through the blood in the baby's blood that serves as his immune system and this process will still continue even more detail at the time the mother began nursing. Body weight infants 2000-2010 grams, with a height of about 45-46 cm.

Week 35:

Baby's hearing has been functioning perfectly. Fat of the baby's body has begun to condense on the legs and arms, this fat layer serves to provide warmth in her body. Babies are getting bigger and have started to meet the mother's womb. If the baby is male then the mothers in this month testes have been perfect. Weight infants 2300-2350 grams, with a height of about 45-47 cm.

Week 36:

Baby's skin is more refined and has become the baby's skin. Layer of fat has begun to fill in the arms and legs of infants. The kidneys of the baby is working well and his liver had been producing grime. Currently the baby's lungs are working well even ready to meet with mama and papa. Weight infants 2400-2450 grams, with height 47-48 cm

Week 37:

Baby's head down into the pelvic space. Baby more rounded shape and the skin becomes pink. His hair grew and grew 5cm thick. Nails are perfectly formed. Your baby can see the light outside the womb. Babies at this point is learning to recognize daily activities, other than that the baby is also being studied for respiratory breathing although still done in the water. Weight infants in 2700-2800 grams this week, with a height of 48-49 cm

Week to week-38-40: The process of formation has ended and the baby is ready to be born.

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Perut Buncit Kempes dengan Diet Semangka

Perut buncit memang bisa mengganggu penampilan. Nah, kalau tak ingin punya perut buncit diet semangka layak dicoba. Semangka diklaim bagus untuk mengempeskan perut buncit.

Kenapa semangka bagus untuk menghilangkan perut buncit?

Itu karena semangka adalah makanan dengan kepadatan energi yang rendah dan kalorinya sangat kecil walaupun orang makan dalam jumlah banyak.

Makanan dengan kepadatan energi yang rendah seperti semangka ini sangat berguna untuk penurunan berat badan karena dapat membuat orang kenyang tanpa menambahkan kalori terlalu banyak untuk total sehari-hari.

Semangka memiliki kepadatan energi rendah karena kandungan airnya tinggi, yang juga dapat menghindari orang mengalami dehidrasi dan dapat mencegah keinginan untuk makan makanan penutup lain yang justru tinggi kalori.

American Dietetic Association melaporkan bahwa semangka adalah 91 persen mengandung air. Kandungan air ini dapat bertindak sebagai diuretik alami.

Sedangkan Mayo Clinic menjelaskan efek diuretik pada semangka membuat orang akan sering buang air kecil, sehingga mengurangi jumlah retensi air dalam tubuh. Retensi air dalam tubuh ini yang sering menyebabkan perut buncit.

Menurut National Watermelon Promotion Board, 2 porsi mangkok irisan dadu semangka mengandung karbohidrat 21 g, gula 20 g, serta tidak mengandung lemak dan kolesterol.

Tentu saja makanan yang secara alami bebas lemak akan lebih baik dimetabolisme oleh tubuh, sehingga mengurangi risiko kelebihan lemak di bagian tengah tubuh Anda alias perut buncit.

Setiap porsi semangka juga menyediakan 30 persen dari kebutuhan harian seseorang untuk vitamin A sebagai beta-karoten, 25 persen untuk vitamin C dan 8 persen untuk kalium.

Dan yang paling relevan untuk menurunkan berat badan adalah 2 porsi (mangkok) semangka hanya mengandung 80 kalori, seperti dilansir Livestrong, Selasa (22/2/2011).

Untuk mendapatkan manfaatnya, semangka baik dikonsumsi sebagai jus tanpa gula pada waktu sarapan, makanan ringan (snack) menjelang makan siang, serta makanan penutup (dessert) setelah makan siang atau makan malam.

Selain rendah kalori, semangka memiliki kelebihan lain yang bermanfaat untuk kesehatan dan juga menurunkan berat badan. Menurut Cleveland Clinic, antioksidan yang terkandung di dalam semangka dapat meningkatkan fungsi alami sistem kekebalan tubuh serta mengurangi risiko penyakit jantung.

Bila dimakan sebagai bagian dari pola makan seimbang, semangka juga dapat mengurangi risiko stroke, batu ginjal, keropos tulang, diabetes dan kanker.

Selain daging semangkanya untuk diet, kulitnya juga berkhasiat untuk mencegah rambut rontok. karena di dalam kulit buah semangka terdapat kandungan Krim retin-A, yaitu turunan dari vitamin A yang banyak para ahli dermatologis memakainya untuk mengatasi rambut rontok.

Mau tahu caranya??

Tusuk-tusuk kulit semangka yang bagian putihnya dengan menggunakan garpu atau pisau kecil. Hingga mengeluarkan air dari kulit semangkanya. Lalu Oleskan ke kulit kepala kalian..Gampang kan?

Manfaat Semangka emang banyak banget, Silahkan dicoba ya...

Merry Wahyuningsih - detikSurabaya

Jumat, 18 Juni 2010


Masihkah tersisah air mata kita, untuk menangisi krisis global yang telah berkepanjangan itu ? Kericuhan disegmen social, hingga kini kiranya tak kunjung selesai. Angka kriminalitas bahkan telah mengalami lonjakan yang tak pernah terbayangkan sebelumnya. Krisis ekonomi juga melahirkan pengangguran dimana-mana. Kelaparan sudah bagai epidemic yang merambat ke berbagai daerah hingga kampung-kampung pinggiran desa.

Pada ranah politik, kita juga tak makin dewasa untuk bisa berunding dalam satu meja secara damai. Saling fitnah, saling tuding dan saling maki telah menghiasi media masa setiap hari. Dunia peradilan juga tak makin dekat dengan harapan keadilan. Tak sedikit kasus-kasus ketidak adilan yang cuma berhenti sebagai kasus semata. Tindak asusila juga telah merebah dimana-mana. Pelecehan kaum perempuan, hingga kinipun masih belum sanggup dipamungkasi secara arif pula.

Krisis multi-dimensi yang berderet-deret itu, sesungguhnya bermula dari krisis keteladanan. Mencari pemimpin yang memiliki keteladanan, begitu sulit bagai mencari jarum ditumpukan jerami. Kibaran-kibaran bendera para calon pemimpin di pinggiran jalan-jalan, tak memberikan harapan kepada kita sebuah masa depan yang lebih cemerlang. Berjajar-jajar baliho sepanjang jalan dan jutaan stiker gambar sang calon pemimpin, juga tak menjamin bahwa kita tak sedang membeli kucing dalam karung.

Padahal yang sungguh-sungguh kita butuhkan saat ini adalah figur pemimpin yang benar-benar memiliki visi dan misi yang pasti buat hari esok bangsa yang lebih gemilang. Seba tanpa adanya pemimpin yang visioner, berkompeten dan memiliki integritas yang tinggi, maka perahu bangsa ini akan menjadi makin tak terkendali.

Dan itu akan mengakibatkan pelayanan kesehatan, tetap saja tak terjangkau oleh suku ekonomi masyarakat miskin. Orientasi dunia pendidikan juga semakin jauh dari target moralitas dan akhlaqul karimah. Bayangkan saja, negeri ini sudah tak lagi menjadi konsumen narkoba yang pasif, melainkan bahkan sudah jadi mata rantai dari jaringan pendistribusian secara internasional.

Maka tak ada waktu lagi; kini harus tampil seorang leader yang secara ideal sanggup memanage dan berani menawarkan keteladanan. Dirinya harus mampu pula untuk merangkumkan dri berbagai elemen masyarakat, yang memang berbeda-beda dari sisi keyakinan, tradisi cultural, etnisitas, ideology, tingkat pemikiran, cita rasa dan kecenderungan, serta sederet perbedaan-perbedaan lainnya.

Lantas bagimanakah cara memperoleh pemimpin yang seperti itu? Jawabnya, bercerminlah pada keteladanan Rosululloh SAW. Sebab beliau adalah sosok pemimpin yang mampu meletakkan dasar-dasar kepemimpinan, serta sanggup memanage berbagi urusan yang melingkupi segala bidang. Inilah sang pemimpin yang dengan santun meyakini, bahwa jabatan merupakan sebuah tanggung jawab dunia dan sekaligus akhirat. Maka dirinya tak akan mempergunakan jabatannya, untuk membidik peluang kekayaan.

Itulah figure pemimpin yang tak bisa tidur nyenyak, ketika melihat orang-orang yang dipimpinnya sama-sama mengencangkan ikat pinggang karena kurang pangan. Dirinya tak akan berfoya-foya, karena rakyatnya masih banyak yang bergizi buruk, kurang sandang dan kurang papan. Pemimpin seperti inilah, yang merasakan keprihatinan dan jeritan nurani masayarakatnya. Maka dari rel panjang perjalanan demokrasi bangsa ini,

Pemilihan Bupati Sidoarjo kurang sebentar lagi, sudah banyak poster-poster yang terpasang di pinggir jalan termasuk didepan rumahku. Kalau tidak salah pemilihan Bupati Sidoarjo akan dilaksanakan tanggal 25 Juli 2010. Kudambakan figure pemimpin kota Sidoarjo yang sanggup mengusap air mata rakyatnya.


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